Our services

Our reputation and our image as well as the requirements of our job give us a responsibility requiring the conscientiousness and the application of the highest standards of safety and security.

The principles of transparency, and closeness to our customers, to whom UNIVERSAL conscientiously became attached, are implemented since its creation and become an even more important requirement for our company.

In this context and according to the best practice which we developed, UNIVERSAL doesn't hesitate to make its efforts to supply to its customers and its partners a complete service, rich in technical information and advice of experts, in order to guarantee a service as high as the expectations of our customers.




The ongoing concern to Universal is to offer its industrial customers products, services and advice which allow them to ensure their development.


UNIVERSAL has become a key player on the Tunisian market for basic chemicals for the majority of industrial sectors include for example: Plastic, Paint, Food, Detergents, Glue, Ink, printing, textiles, cosmetics, etc ...


The requirements of our business grant us a responsibility demanding the biggest conscientiousness which is translated by the application of the highest standards of safety and security.


Our reputation as well as our image are the result of a long experience of 30ans in the field of chemicals.


The reputation of UNIVERSAL is the precious property because each of us is the agent and the guarantor. We are certain of your commitment and would be honored that you can register your contribution to the realization of the vision of our company.